Arbor White Wood  $50.00

Wedding Canopy; Call for Pricing

Tent Leg Drapes   $25 each

Cambro Two-Tone Mahogony Brown Bar  $75.00

Fender 175 watt Portable Sound System $125.00

Fender 300 Portable Sound System   $175.00

1000 Watt Potable Sound System $225.00

Microphone $10.00

Adjustable Microphone Stand $10.00

Perimeter Globe Lights  $1.00/foot

Portable Propane Convection Oven $400.00

     *Includes 1 Tank of Propane 


Propane 2'x5' Grill $175.00

   *Includes 1 Tank of Propane

String Light Package; Call for Pricing

Standard Side Wall    Solid, Screen or Window  $1.00/ft

Keder Side Wall          French Window                 $2.00/ft

                                        Zipper Door                       $2.00/ft

XXL Cooler $20.00 each

Propane Burner $10.00 (tank not included)

Large Pot with Lid $10.00

Pipe & Drape; Call for Pricing

8" Tiered Bar with Black Linens                                                                             $75.00

2x5 Charcoal Grill Excludes Charcoal $75.00
Honda Generator; 1 Tank of Propane Included For lights and PA $135.00
Heater 85 BTU; 1 Tank of Propane Included

Requires 20 Amp Circuit 

Heater 175 BTU; 1 Tank of Propane Included

Requires 20 Amp Circuit

Trash Barrel 30 Gallon; no liner $10.00 ea
Water Barrel for Frame Tents       With White Cover $15.00 ea

*Generator is for MT&E's lights and PA ONLY.  All elecrtical equipment will be tested at time of set up with customer present.  Equipment can not be moved or altered after testing.

**Monadnock Tent & Event offers Keder Side Walls that attach to the side poles and tent.  This application is best suited for installations at high wind locations.  This will be recommended at during the on-site consult.