Event Planning Guide

This guide will help you map out your needs for any event, helping to ensure that you are not left scrambling for any last minute additions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What size tent will I need?

A:  What size tent is needed will depend on what items you are planning on putting under the tent.  Things to consider are how many people will you be having?  Will you want a dance floor or stage?  Will you have buffet tables?  A bar? Gift or cake tables?  Browsing our on site floor plans can give you an idea of what size tent you will need.  And of course John or Debbie will make sure that you select the right size tent when you place your order.


Q: What is the difference between a pole tent, a frame tent, and a sailcloth tent?

A:  Pole and sailcloth tents have support poles within the tented space, whereas frame tents only have support poles along the outside edges of the tent.  While a pole tent has a rectangular shape with flat ends, a sailcloth tent has rounded ends, creating a more oval shape.  Frame tents are typically used if the floor plan cannot accommodate the inside poles, or if the outer surrounding space is too narrow to accommodate pole anchoring lines.  Frame tents are also the only style tent we install on paved surfaces.


Q: How many people fit at a table?

A: We have several table sizes available. Although it is always possible to squeeze an extra person in if needed, we suggest the following number of people seated at each table: 

5' round table- 8              6' round table - 10             6' rectangular - 6

8' rectangular - 8             large farm table- 10


Q: Can I put tables and chairs outside?

A: Our white plastic chairs, 6' plastic tables, picnic tables, farm tables, and farm benches may all be left out in the open.  All of our wooden chairs, banquest tables, and round tables must be either under a tent or inside when not in use.


Q: How large a dance floor do I need?

A:  We generally recommend the following sizes:  Under 50 guests- 12x12; 

50-100 guests-  15x18;  100-150 guests - 18x21;  over 150 guests-  18x28.  Of course every group of people will vary, so you'll need to consider how many of your guests you think will be up and dancing to determine the best size floor for you.


Q: Where will the dance floor be located?

A: The dance floor can be set up along the side or in the center of a tent, based on the tent size and table configuration.  If the dance floor is set up along a side of the tent, you will need to have sidewalls on the tent along that side to protect the dance floor from any inclement weather. 


Q: When do I need to order sidewalls?

A: Sidewalls should be ordered if you anticipate inclement weather during your event.  If you are ordering a dance floor that will be placed along an edge of the tent, you will be required to order sidewalls for that portion of your tent.  If your event is during cool weather, and you are ordering a heater, you will need also sidewalls to contain the heat.


Q: What kind of sidewalls are available?  Do they roll up?

A: We have solid sidewalls avaiable, as well as screened sidewalls, and sidewalls with windows.  Most sidewalls do not roll up.  Only our 51' x 91' Sailcloth tent has sidewalls that may all be rolled up.  We do have sidewall doors available for our other tents that can be rolled up if desired.  Typically in the warmer months, people use screen sidewalls to protect from any bad weather.  In the colder months, people use windowed sidewalls, as they will help contain heat withi the tent, while still allowing a view of the outside.  Solid sidewalls are typically used for sales events and festivals, where the object is to create a barrier between the tent and what is next to it.


Q: Where will the DJ set up?

A: Typically the DJ will set up at a 6' rectangular table next to the dance floor.


Q: Do I need lighting, and if so, how much do I need?

A:  If your event is going to go into the evening hours, you will want lighting for the tent.  We have two different styles of lighting; globe lights, which are roughly the size of a cantalope, and string lights which are roughly the size of a ping pong ball.  String lights create a more elegant lighting effect.  If you're on a budget, we suggest either globe or string lights around just the perimeter of the tent.  We have standard lighting packages in both styles available for all our tents, which not only cover the perimeter, but drape to the center of the tent as well.  You may of course add additional lights if desired.


Q: Do you provide a floor plan?

A: If you are renting a tent, tables, and chairs from us, we will work with you to create a customized floor plan ensuring that all items will fit under the rented tent.


Q: What if I'm not near a power source?  Do I need a generator or just extension cords?

A:  If the tent will be located more than 100 feet from a power source, we recommend renting a generator to supply power.  Otherwise, we are able to use our wedding-white extension cords to supply power to the tent area.


Q: Will I need a permit?

A: Beginning January 1, 2019, New Hampshire will only require permits for tents larger than 400 Sq. ft. that are erected on municipal sites or rented properties.  Events at private homes will no longer require a permit.  If you are holding your event at a location that you are renting for the day, it is your responsibility to verify with the town if they will require a tent permit.  MTE will provide all certificates needed for permits upon request.


Q: When should I mow my lawn for the event?

A: If we are delivering a tent to a grass surface, we request that the area be prepped and ready for delivery by the Monday prior to your event.


Q: When will you deliver my items?

A: As our delivery schedules fluctuate based on the weather, traffic, and other items out of our control, we design our delivery schedule on Sunday night for the coming week.  There may be last minute changes however due to 3rd party scheduling conflicts or unforeseen delays.  


Q: Can I pay by credid card or debit?

A: Beginning in 2019, we will accept credit cards.  However, we will be offering a discount for cash or check payments on invoices created after January 1, 2019.  Our mailing address for check payments is:  

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